XLR vs. USB microphones: Which should you use for streaming?

Audio is a central part to a streamer’s setup that can make or break a successful stream. A quality microphone helps a person stick out among the pack if the speaking voice is crisp and clear. Those looking to stream have a large selection to choose from for their mic of choice. However, it can be confusing when having to choose between the two mic formats: XLR or USB. 

Knowing how to get the best audio is paramount. Despite the amount of mics available, it can be hard to figure out which one to use if you don’t know why they’re different — especially when it comes to their price differences.

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While both can record audio at various levels of quality, there are key differences between the formats that you should know before making your choice. Here are the benefits of using either XLR or USB and which you should use for streaming.

What is XLR?

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