Video game graphics are a ticking time bomb — the industry needs to focus on art over tech

It’s no secret that video games are inherently linked to the technology that allows us to experience them. However, as the industry continues to evolve, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve gone too far. It’s gotten to the point where graphical complexity is seen as the ultimate indicator of quality, making the game development process infinitely harder and longer. It seems like people will completely disregard an experience if the game’s graphics don’t hold up, or just absolutely demolish a game if it looks like it could have come out 10 years ago. To me, this seems absurd: Graphics are immensely overrated.

Of course, graphics aren’t actually “overrated” in a literal sense. They are the visual gateway into the video games we play. Without them, we’d have nothing to look at. But when I say graphics are overrated, I’m referring to the overwhelming focus video game communities and marketing puts on graphical prowess and modernity. Sometimes it feels like the quality of a game’s art and style is tossed aside just to analyze how “new” and “shiny” something looks.

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