Twitter users are swapping their handles for .ETH domains — what it means and how to join the trend | Laptop Mag

You may have spotted a Twitter handle with the user’s name followed by “.ETH”; it’s a trend growing in popularity among crypto enthusiasts on the social media platform. You’re witnessing something called the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain craze.

What, exactly, is an ENS domain? Well, if someone wanted to pay you in ETH, the Ethereum blockchain’s native coin, you’d have to give them your public Ethereum wallet address — a long, alphanumeric string of characters that is boring and lacks personalization. Instead, you can swap that ho-hum address for an ENS domain. For example, our ENS domain would be “LaptopMag.eth” — much better than its lengthier alternative.

ENS Domain (Image credit: Twitter)

How to buy an .ETH domain

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