TIMI-130 has a Pixxi-28 graphics processor for embedded breadboard applications

TIMI stands for Tiny Intelligent Modular Instrument, an embedded electronic hardware product that launched as an update from the original TIMI-96.TIMI-130 simulates many typical components used in most breadboard-based projects to save time and money by being a suitable replacement for your other expensive parts. It comes with a 1.3-inch color TFT IPS LCD and you can attach the display to a breadboard. The hardware utilizes UART or I2C serial communication enabling customizable options via simple commands.

TIMI-130 is designed for hobbyists, engineers, or students from beginner to advanced to make their project deployment easier. One can use this instrument as a standalone module that can carry out multiple functionalities all by itself. It is created as a flexible design aid, primarily to mimic the reading of parts and meters, which would be difficult or require breadboard hardware resources or electronic improvements. This board allows for faster development and keeps the GPIO hardware, often limited, with multiple enhancements.

Mates Studio – Integrated Development Environment designed to be used with Breadboard Mates products

Specification of Timi-130:

  • CPU: 4D Labs’ Pixxi-28 graphics processor with 32kB flash storage.
  • Display: 240 × 240 pixel resolution TFT IPS LCD (non-touch).
  • 3.3V (tolerant 5V) UART serial connector (300 to 2187500 Baud).
  • Master I2C (3.3V standard) working with the bus.
  • GPIOs: 2 analogs or I2C, 1 PWM Audio.
  • Storage: 32MB Flash storage.
  • Memory: 14KB SRAM Processor User Variables Processor.
  • Power: 5Vdc supply input (3.3V possible).
  • Weight: 5.0 grams approx.

The Mates Studio is the software that allows you to use existing graphics and build your own to display whose values can be updated through commands sent from the host MCU. You can check out the Mates Studio Software here. There are also courses that are very elaborate and will help the user get a hold of them. TIMI-130 is ready to be purchased, and if you are a first-time user, then it’s better that you buy the starter kit as the programmer included will be essential for all the development work.

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