The 33 Best Cozy, Comfortable Fall Items

Fall is in full swing, which means we’re officially entering cozy season. Gone are the days of breezy linens and cotton, and here to replace them are cashmere, fleece, and bouclé. As we enter peak fall, all of the pieces in my closet I find myself reaching for right now can be safely categorized as “soft.” The thought of putting anything on my body that doesn’t comfort me just feels wrong. Oversize sweaters, blanket coats, and all-fleece everything—my vibe right now is basically the sartorial equivalent of a hug. 

Of course, this focus on all things cozy has influenced my shopping habits as of late, so I’ve amassed a lengthy list of all the warm pieces that caught my eye. Think touchable fabrics, plush texture, and pajama-level comfort. Since I can’t possibly purchase all of these, I figured I’d share them here for anyone else looking to prioritize their comfort this season. From cashmere cardigans to knit pants to wool socks and blanket scarves, there are endless cute options to ensure we feel nothing but comfy through the next few months. Below, you’ll find 33 cozy, comfortable fall items worthy of a place in your wardrobe. 

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