Side-terminated SMD resistors handle up to 3W

“One of the most common and economical options for reducing the effects of high power is wide terminations,” according to the company. “By reversing the geometry of the chip resistor and applying the terminations to the long sides of the part, the hot spot temperature of a given chip size is reduced by 30% to 40%.”

Implemented in its thick-film RMCW-HP range, power ratings vary: 1.5W for the 0612 size, 2W for 1020, 2W for 1018 and 3W for 1225 size parts.

Other resistors in the RMCW family are long-edge-terminated, but not rated at such high power. Part numbers of the form ‘RMCW1218-HP’ are the ones to look out for.

Maximum working voltage is 200V (or √P.R), max overload is 400V.

Stability is ±100ppm/°C and parts up to 10MΩ are available in 1% or 5% form (E96 1% parts are special order).

The RMCW Series data sheet can be found here

Stackpole Electronics is headquartered in North Carolina and has facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China, the US and Mexico.

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