Sample a cup of tea and a DSTL biscuit book

It was described as a simple guide to quantum physics – demystifying quantum technology using everyday language, familiar examples and analogies.

Consisting of 46 pages, with high-quality graphics, it covers wavefunctions, wave particle duality, superpositions, tunneling, decoherence, squeazed states and lots more.

And the wider idea is that biscuit books are designed to be “dipped into and easily digested – just like a biscuit with tea”. I like it.

The organisation writes:

“Dstl is exploring all aspects of quantum technology across all areas including: sensing, timing, communications, imaging and information processing. We have a state of the art laboratory to understand first-hand how this exciting area can benefit UK defence and security. We are also interested in developing engineering solutions for operating quantum technology outside of the laboratory, on a number of platforms, and in different types of operations and environments.”

You can read It takes two to entangle – A tea-time diversion through Quantum Physics here.

And you can find all the DSTL biscuit books listed here, including ones about AI and Autonomous Systems, Understanding Data, Unfogging the Future, and Machine learning… Dip away!

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