Rode X revealed: Pro audio expertise comes to gamers and streamers

Rode announced the launch of its streaming and gaming division, Rode X. Rode is a world-renowned audio brand for content creators, podcasters, and studio musicians. The concept behind Rode X is a division of the company dedicated to developing high-performance audio solutions specifically for streamers and gamers. This is the first sub-brand ever created by the audio tech giant, and one streamers and gamers should be excited about. 

Along with the launch of Rode X, the company announced a new Unify audio-mixing application that allows for mixing audio from several sources. 

Rode wasn’t done with Unify; the company announced the release of the XDM-100 and the XCM-50 USB-C professional microphones that are styled to catch the eye of gamers and streamers while producing professional studio-quality audio. Let’s have a peek at what Rode X is bringing to content creators. 

(Image credit: Future)

Rode X Unify

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