PSVR 2 launch announcement may arrive soon — ‘Introducing PlayStation VR2’ spotted

As Sony drip-feeds details about its highly anticipated PSVR 2 headset, more details are expected to emerge in an upcoming showcase that will be “Introducing PlayStation VR2.” This indicates that a launch announcement could be coming soon.

PlayStation’s next-gen VR headset was shown off earlier this year, giving gamers a first look at the “circular orb shape” headset and the final design of the Sense controller, which are inspired by Sony’s PS5 and its family of products. While the gaming giant also revealed its list of specs, we have yet to see the price, availability, or how it looks in action.  

According to oft-reliable insider Tom Henderson, along with shout-outs to Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Sony sent out an email titled “Introducing PlayStation VR2.” Henderson noted there was a similar email sent a couple of weeks before the PS5 pre-launch, which means we could see a similar showcase arrive soon. 

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