Metaverse mortgages are real and they can leave you bankrupt — here’s how

“Wait — there are metaverse mortgages?!” I yelled incredulously after reading an email from a PR agent representing TerraZero, a Web 3.0 company that boasts that it’s the first to help users secure loans for digital properties. 

In the physical world, after sinking yourself into a gut-wrenching 30-year debt contract to buy a home, you can at least seek solace in your newly purchased property and find a real corner to mope in. In the metaverse, you’ll be indebted without even having a pixelated pot to piss in. Paraphrasing Matthew McConaughey’s Wolf of Wall Street character, “It’s all a fugazi — it’s fairydust. It doesn’t exist. It’s not on the elemental chart. It’s not [expletive] real.” 

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