iPhone 13 mini real-world battery life — How long does it really last?

With the iPhone 13 mini, Apple addressed the biggest complaint people had with its predecessor: the battery life. The iPhone 12 mini paired the same high-end hardware found on its larger siblings with a much smaller battery and, as expected, it struggled to even last ’til evening. The iPhone 13 mini, therefore, comes equipped with a battery that’s 10% larger (2,406 mAh) than the one (2,227 mAh) found on the iPhone 12 mini. 

Apple says the upgraded endurance offers up to an hour and a half more runtime on a single charge. The iPhone 13 mini is also rated to last three hours more when you’re streaming a video online. But how does the increased battery actually perform in the real world? 

(Image credit: Laptop Mag/ Sean Riley)

After testing the iPhone 13 mini for nearly a month, the short answer is that the latest improvements are enough that you no longer need to worry about whether your small iPhone will die on you in the middle of the day. 

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