[embargoed] Among Us VR teased at Meta Quest Gaming Showcase — here’s when you can play it

As an imposter, it’s easy to hide behind a screen and convince others you’re an innocent, hardworking crewmate as you passionately type your deceptive alibi, but let’s see how well you can handle the pressure from a first-person perspective! When Among Us VR was announced at The Game Awards last December, fans were eager to find out when they’ll get to play the game. We now have an answer — kind of.

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, the social media tech giant announced that Among Us VR will hit virtual store shelves during the 2022 holiday season. Meta also teased us with some Among Us VR gameplay that will catch your eye.

Among Us VR is a highly anticipated game

The developers behind Among Us VR include Innersloth, Robot Teddy and Schell Games, the studio behind I Expect You to Die 2, a Game Awards nominee for best VR/AR game. If Snell Games can inject the same immersive VR magic into Among Us VR as it’s done for I Expect You to Die 2, fans will be captivated.

Among Us VR (Image credit: Meta)

“Bringing the Among Us our fans love to virtual reality is an exciting new journey for us, and is in the capable hands of Robot Teddy and Schell Games. We can’t wait for our Crewmates to experience the game in a brand new way,” Innersloth Community Director Victoria Tran said.

According to the trailer Meta flaunted at the Quest Gaming Showcase, Among Us VR will add an extra element of suspense to the game. As you try to complete your tasks as a crewmate, you’ll constantly feel the need to look over your shoulder, making sure no maniacal murderers are out to get you. You never know who’s lurking around the corner!

Among Us VR

Among Us VR (Image credit: Meta)

Forget that limiting 2D map! In Among Us VR, you’ll get to explore the ship in a more immersive, engaging way. You’ll bump into other crewmates as you complete your assignments, interact with auto-open steel doors, spy on others through air vents, and unfortunately, run into half-eaten bodies.

Among Us VR

Among Us VR (Image credit: Meta)

Emergency meetings will feel more real. Crewmates can congregate and discuss whom they believe is the imposter before voting them off the ship. You’ll get to point your finger at suspects and build your case against them, or as the imposter, you can frame other crewmates to throw the group off your stench.

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