Alienware Tri-Mode gaming headset review: An abysmal design choice hinders a great headset

The Alienware Tri-Mode gaming headset is a superb piece of hardware. It’s amazing how much bassy depth this bad boy can conjure up when listening to music or playing games, and I love its sleek black and white aesthetic. Its microphone offers decent crispness, though it can sound a bit vacant, and the battery life is superb.

Unfortunately, all of that crumbles under the weight of one choice. A choice that should have never been made. For some absurd reason, there is no volume knob or wheel on this headset. You can only modify the volume by swiping upwards or downwards on the right earcup, and those incremental changes are shockingly minor, which means you’ll be flicking your finger upwards dozens upon dozens of times just to hit a volume that suits you. There are plenty of good reasons for a piece of hardware to fail, and a lot of those reasons are due to some design flaw, but this is not a flaw. It was intentional; Dell specifically advertised this feature as “intuitive (opens in new tab).”

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